LGBT+ Advisory Group

The LGBT+  Advisory Group works with the Equality and Diversity Unit to highlight issues relating to LGBT+ staff and students in order to inform the development of University policy and practice in relation to LGBT+ staff and students and to facilitate consultation and the sharing of information with LGBT+ staff and students.

The LGBT+ Advisory Group Terms of Reference can be found on the right-hand menu. 

In conjunction with the EDU, the group also organise:

  • Hilary term: The annual LGBT History month lecture
  • Trinity term: A Panel Debate for Oxford Pride festival and the University Stall for Oxford Pride
  • Michaelmas term: The LGBT Staff Network Annual General Meeting.

If you have any questions about the group or would like to speak confidentially about an LGBT+ issue, even if you are not a member of the LGBT+ community, please contact the Chair, Sarah Laseke

Sarah Laseke (Chair)

Sarah is non-binary (pronouns she/they) and works as the Training and Development Coordinator at the Big Data Institute. At the BDI, Sarah coordinates a programme of training courses on health data science and is also one of the leads of the Nuffield Department of Population Health LGBT+ Network. Sarah is one of the LGBT+ Role Models and a Harassment Advisor. Outside of work, she enjoys running, cycling and learning how to play the bass.

Sarah will hold the position of Chair until April 2025 

Freyja Madsen (Vice Chair)

Freyja is Bisexual and uses the pronouns she/they.

As Academic Registrar in New College, Freyja's main duties are coordinating student support services and academic recruitment. She is also the College’s Disability Officer, Equality Officer, and a Harassment Advisor.

Outside of the University Freyja enjoys Twentieth-century American literature, horror films, art, rugby

Freyja will hold the position of Vice Chair until April 2025

Sarah Stephenson-Hunter 

Sarah will hold the position until April 2025

Helena Palmer 

Helena will hold the position  until April 2025

Tomer Amir 

Tomer will hold the position until April 2025

Amedeo Minichino 

Amedeo will hold the position until April 2025

Jules Salomone-Sehr 

Sophie Bury

LGBTQ Society member (student representative)

Appointed by the LGBTQ Society.

Alexander Gordon (co-opted member)

Hannah Hughes (co-opted member)