Information about Report + Support

We encourage anyone who has experienced bullying or harassment to seek support and advice. 

What is Report + Support?  

Report + Support is an online platform created especially for use in Higher Education institutions. It provides

  • Support, guidance and information about services relating to bullying and harassment.
  • A way to share information about an experience or concern of bullying or harassment with the University.
  • Insight that will help the University to enhance the support we offer though the Harassment Advisory Service. This insight will also inform harassment prevention work across the University.   
Who can use Report + Support and how does it work?

Report + Support is being piloted for University-employed staff in the first instance. If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of bullying or harassment, you can tell the University about it confidentially through Report + Support, either anonymously, or by providing contact details. Anyone can access support and information on the homepage. 

If you share your name and contact details, a Harassment Advisor will contact you to listen to you and then share confidential, non-judgemental advice on your support and reporting options.

Sharing information about an incident or concern of bullying and harassment through Report + Support does not initiate a formal complaint. You can find information about making a formal report about a staff member here, or if your complaint is about a student here.

What other option are available?

Report + Support has recently been introduced by the University as an additional tool in the Harassment Advisory Service. It sits alongside the Harassment Line the Harassment Advisor Network and existing information on sources of support for both students and staff. You can also talk to your line managers and HR staff in your department or college if you feel comfortable to do so. 

Online tools aren't accessible for everyone. If you wish to speak directly to a Harassment Advisor, without using Report + Support, you can find one on the Harassment Advisor Network webpage or on posters around your college or department. You can also contact the Harassment Line


If you are a student you can’t make a report through Report + Support. Support, advice, policies and procedures are in place to support you however, if you experience or witness an incidence of bullying or harassment. You can seek support from the University’s Student Welfare and Support Services, the Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service, from your college welfare team or the Student Union who can offer support on advice and wellbeing. You can also speak to your supervisor or course directors or contact a Harassment Advisor. You can make a formal complaint to the Proctors’ Office or through your college, depending on the context where the bullying and harassment is taking place. To contact the Proctors' Office you can use the following email address:  

Staff with a college only contract

If you work for a college on a college only contract - Incidents of harassment that occur will normally be dealt with under your college policies procedures. You can speak to your line manage or a Harassment Advisor or you can contact the Harassment Line

Helping the University improve its prevention work

The Equality and Diversity Unit and HR will use the anonymised, aggregated data shared through Report + Support to help them understand staff experiences of bullying and harassment. We will also use this insight to enhance the support we offer to others through the Harassment Advisory Service which in turn will inform harassment prevention work across the University.   
The pilot period will run between January and July 2024. If you have any feedback you would like to share about the tool, please contact

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