Race Equality Charter

race equality charter bronze award logo

The Race Equality Charter framework enables universities to identify and critically reflect on the institutional barriers faced by minority ethnic staff and students. The charter acts as an avenue for the University to raise the profile of race equality and maintain dialogue about what race equality looks like in practice at Oxford.

The University currently holds a Bronze Race Equality Charter award. Through an extensive three-year consultation process the University community agreed the following strategic areas of action for students and staff:

  • Engage all departments and faculties with race equality in order to create an inclusive culture;
  • Improve the overall experience of BME students;
  • Promote and celebrate a full range of diversity in scholarship, learning and teaching;
  • Eliminate the undergraduate ethnicity attainment gap;
  • Continue to increase the proportion of BME students at all levels;
  • Increase the ethnic diversity of the academic, research and professional and support staff;
  • Achieve stronger representation of BME staff in decision-making at all levels of the University;
  • Ensure consistency of HR practices across all departments and faculties.


For more information about the University’s Race Equality Charter submission and action plan: