Race Equality Task Force

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New - Read Professors Anne Trefethen and Martin Williams reflections on the University’s progress on diversity and inclusion, and the work of the Race Equality Task Force.

The purpose of the Task Force is to advance racial equality across the collegiate University of Oxford, and to ensure that all people and perspectives are valued and that, in practice, opportunities are open to all people without racial discrimination.  We will work actively to be antiracist at all levels, to articulate existing barriers, and to identify what can be done by everyone in the collegiate University, especially its leaders, to dismantle those barriers. We will focus on the curriculum and student experience; recruitment and career progression for staff; the promotion of an inclusive and supportive institutional culture; and ensuring our actions are grounded in and guided by the latest research.  The Task Force will develop a University-wide strategy and business plan to identify the specific steps and practices which are needed to accelerate change and promote racial equality across the collegiate University of Oxford, and will recommend a sustainable and resourced plan for adoption by Council.