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The bulletin is distributed Monthly during term time and less frequently during the vacations. It features information, resources, case studies and events relating to any aspect of equality, diversity and inclusion at the University of Oxford. The bulletin is one part of a wider EDI Knowledge Hub project, which aims to improve communications about EDI activities across the University and to share good practice. Any staff member or student from the University or the colleges can subscribe to the bulletin.

We welcome items for inclusion in the bulletin - please email them to Due to space constraints, we can only feature University events and activities.

To subscribe to the bulletin, please send a blank email to:

For the latest updates on EDI activities and events, and to connect with others working on EDI, please join our EDI Hub Teams group.

MPLS ED&I Network

The MPLS ED&I Network provides monthly updates to any staff and students interested in equality, diversity and inclusion related activities within the Division and wider University. To subscribe to the Network's email list, please contact

Race and Resistance Network

The Race and Resistance programme brings together researchers, students, and activists in the history, literature, and culture of anti-racist movements across the modern world. To sign up to their newsletter, send a blank email to

External newsletters and mailing lists

JiscMail lists are a useful way to connect with staff working in EDI in other institutions. Here are two relevant lists:

HEEON equal opportunities list – for those interested in equal opportunities in higher education for students and staff.

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Network (EDIN) is a multidisciplinary and practitioner based group that aims to encourage active and rich collaboration between specialists from different disciplines both within and beyond academia; promotes the discussion of global EDI issues; encourages research, knowledge sharing, good practice and training in EDI issues.

D&I Leaders’ monthly newsletter is sent to anyone who signs up for free membership of D&I Leaders, an organisation which provides news, content, events and training for diversity, equity, inclusion and HR-related professionals, primarily in the private sector, but membership is open to anyone working in EDI.

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