Staff Experience Survey 2023

The Staff Experience Survey is the main way in which the University collects feedback from staff members. Feedback from the survey influences departmental, divisional and institutional planning, helps us build on our successes and shape plans to ensure that Oxford is an attractive and inclusive place to work. In turn, this supports our overall academic mission and our long-term success as an institution.  

58% (8980) of staff invited to take part shared their feedback in the 2023 Staff Experience Survey. The survey was conducted by an external company, People Insight and closed on 19 May 2023. Through the People Insight platform, we are able to compare our 2023 results with surveys from 2021 and 2018 enabling us to see important trends over time.


Since receiving the results of this year’s Staff Experience Survey in July 2023, the EDU project team, senior leadership, EDI colleagues and nominated staff with a business need to access the data have started to analyse the results. Carefully interpreting the data, they will continue to draw insight from the feedback shared by staff to understand the experience of working at the University and to inform change.   

You can view the headline institutional results from the Staff Experience Survey 2023 as either:

Publicly available data are included in the University’s annual Equality Report.

From data to insight and action 

A range of tools and resources has been developed to support University-wide teams through the process of data analysis, presentation, communications and action planning.  Please click here to access this toolkit:


The 2021 survey ran from 27 April to 19 May and was completed by 8,597 individuals, a response rate of 59%. 

Feedback and data from the survey was analysed by colleagues across all levels to provide a deeper understanding of staff experience of working at Oxford. A number of themes emerged from the data, which informed actions to improve staff experience at institutional, Divisional and Departmental levels.  

You can view the institutional survey results via:

More detailed results for staff in different demographic groups are provided on the 2021 results webpage (SSO required).

Survey results were considered by Personnel Committee, as part of its annual agenda-setting exercise. The key themes of focus for improving employee satisfaction were:  

  • Career development
  • Inclusion; and
  • Wellbeing and the sense of being valued. 

The area that was of greatest cause for concern was workload, with only 51% of staff agreeing that they could meet the requirements of their job without regularly working excessive hours: the issue was particularly acute among Associate Professors, with only 14% agreement.

The Equality and Diversity Panel considered the results through an equality lens, and agreed that while there were some small differences between demographic groups, by far the most important variable is department, with wide disparities in satisfaction and experience evident across all divisions. However, some demographic groups were consistently less positive than others, particularly disabled staff and those who had experienced mental ill-health in the last year.

You can read more about other priorities in this blog: